Taiwan Scientific Biotechnology Co., Ltd (TSB) established in 2011, is a young
and active local trading company with own distribution channels in Taiwan.
We import good quality products from worldwide, including agrochemical
pesticides, natural botanic extract products, biological pesticides, fertilizers
and adjuvants etc. Our group growing in short period by means of skill
manpower in registration, sales and field experience. In May 2011, TSB had 
strategic alliance with Agrowaho International Co. to consolidate agrochemical
products. Until today, over 250 distributors and retailers build our sales network.
TSB also developed and introduced safe, efficient and environment friendly plant protection products, "Dr. Plant” is our registered logo which labeled on this series product line.

We guide local farmers with proper crop management, including adequate nutrients application at different growth stages, traditional chemical pesticides alternate with biological (or natural botanic extract) products to prevent the resistance and chemical residues.
You are welcome to contact us if you have interests to launch valuable products to Taiwan.


台灣科研生物技術公司(簡稱「台科」) 自2011年植物科學部門成立以來,專業技術團隊以豐富的田間實務經驗及開發產品能力陸續落實適合本地使用之無毒植物保護劑及高效能植物營養劑,期能引進國外優良先進科技產品,在本地合法登記上市,以滿足台灣精緻農業更上一層樓的需求。此外,植物生長各階段對於養分需求有所不同,正確有效的營養管理可使植株健壯,降低罹病,再輔以正確用藥觀念,才是健康的栽培管理。2011年5月台科與「優必樂公司(Agrowaho International Co.)」策略聯盟,使植物保護劑產品得以更加完善充實。



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